Sandgate Podiatry is Brisbane North's newest podiatry clinic providing treatment and long-term care plans to patients looking to embrace new technology and practices.


Our ultimate goal is to provide our patients with the freedom to enjoy life without the pain and annoyances that foot and lower-limb issues can bring. Through a friendly and comfortable environment we aim at providing care for patients of all ages with issues of all sizes - nothing is too big or small for our team! With advanced podiatry technology paired with a highly qualified podiatrist our patients are guaranteed nothing but excellence from Sandgate Podiatry.

John MacGinley

John MacGinley

Meet John

John's passion for podiatry care began at a very young age when he required podiatric assistance for an intoed gait. Since then his curiosity and passion for podiatry grew. During his high school years in Brisbane's central, he discovered a love for science and caring for others which lead him to further his knowledge in tertiary education.

After excelling in his Bachelor of Health and Science (Podiatry) at the Queensland University of Technology, John began his career in one of Australia's top podiatry clinics where he was known for always tackling new challenges with a smile on his face.

Johns vision to bring a fresh face to podiatry lead him to opening his own clinic in Brisbane's North, where he aims to improve quality of life through the freedom of podiatry care.

John has a special interest in biomechanical cases, musculoskeletal injuries and diabetic foot complications.  However, enjoys all aspects of his profession, including services people may not know are offered at the clinic, such as general skin and nail care.