We offer a number of services to our patients - all with the latest technology and expert care that you would expect from a podiatrist. See our list below of specific treatments and treated conditions. 



From information captured using advanced technology, our Orthema milling machines allow for orthotics to be manufactured within 30 minutes of completing a foot scan. This means that not only can you have a 3D scan taken of your foot on the day of your consultation, but you can have your orthotics the same day leaving you walking pain free!

Paediatric care (intoeing/out toeing)

Intoeing/ out toeing are common podiatry issues that become apparent in the younger years of child development. These conditions often disappear in time, however, some cases require special treatment. We understand that the podiatrist may be a new and scary experience for young children but we will treat these patients with extra care to make them feel comfortable.


Footwear Modification

Footwear modifications

Mainstream footwear has been designed for the 'average' foot, leaving some behind when it comes to designs. While some footwear companies specifically cater towards irregular shaped feet, they don't always keep up to date with what's on trend. By creating specific modifications for footwear, we give our patients the freedom to wear the shoes that align to their personal style.

Dry needling

Similar to acupuncture, this technique uses needles to access trigger points within the body. Dry needling specifically focuses on the aim of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction. 



Padding and strapping

Padding and strapping is a highly effective short term treatment in offloading acute injuries to get you back and mobile immediately. It is highly useful in increasing stability, proprioception and muscle function. 

Stretching and strengthening

Stretching and strengthening exercises are proven to effectively decrease pain and disability in muscular function. In some cases, presenting gait abnormalities can be simply due to a muscular imbalance that can be resolved through early identification and treatment.


Treated Conditions

Osgood-Schlatter Disease 

Sever's disease

Bunions (HAV)

Diabetic foot care

General skin and nail care

Heel pain

Forefoot pain

Ankle pain

Sports injuries

Shin splints

Cracked heels

Fungal nails

Ingrown nails

Plantar warts